Training and Organizational Support

We support organizations, leaders, and initiatives to be as effective as possible. We offer assistance to a diverse set of partners, including civil society leaders and organizations, funders and large institutions, and other leaders within society. Our trainings and workshops offer new skills and design tools for creating effective and informed programming. Our strategic advising provides critical insights for high-impact initiatives. 

Trainings & Workshops: Our trainings and workshops enable local leaders, organizations, and key players in various fields to combine their unique contextual understanding with international best practices, cross-sector expertise, and interdisciplinary research to inform particular actions and overall strategy. 

We dive into the patterns of communication that emerge as societies move towards identity-based violence and peel back the layers to explore the underlying dynamics at play. We look at powerful emotions, like fear and disgust; we explore the role of leaders and social norms in impacting behavior; and we examine the shifting nature of social identity in conflict. We use this knowledge to explore promising approaches and highlight the ways that intuitive approaches may backfire and cause harm. 

Our design tools, informed by both science and practice, provide pathways to action: they guide participants in combining insights from science and practice with their own local contextual understanding to design tailored and effective approaches. 

Strategic Advising: We provide strategic advising to organizations and programs. This includes bringing Over Zero’s insights and tools to bear on program design and evaluation, as well as adapting trainings for specific sectors and needs. We view our work with clients as a partnership, where we merge our expertise in the dynamics of communication and identity-based violence with their expertise of their specific space.