Field Advancement

Over Zero advances the field of identity-based violence prevention by translating, connecting, and sharing learnings that span sectors, disciplines, and geographies. We tie together research from different academic streams, apply local learnings for wider accessibility, create connections where different sectors and disciplines are not informing each other, and support efforts to interpret geographically-specific best practices across the spectrum of identity-based violence. This act of translation not only connects parallel, oftentimes siloed streams of work, but also reveals a more comprehensive picture of existing knowledge. 

Regional networks for learning: Wherever we work, we connect our partners to share their work and develop regional strategies and knowledge. Through this, we create relationships and insights that transcend geographic borders.

Sharing Knowledge & Tools: Through convening leaders across academia, civil society, public policy, and relevant sectors, we break down existing silos and push forward our collective understanding of how communication is weaponized for violence and can instead be used to create an active peace. We bring our tools and insights to the field through publishing writing, speaking at public events and conferences, and advising key institutions.